Gin a day May

Art work by gin_a_ding_ding

What is gin a day may you may ask, well it’s a social media challenge that happens in funny enough may. Each day has a theme and you post a picture or video on your social media accounts of that theme with gin related post with the hashtag #ginadaymay.

Art work by gin_a_ding_ding

Day 8 for example was bottle, I posted Isle of Harris gin, the bottle is stunning and beautifully crafted.

Isle of Harris gin taken at Durdle door

The aim of it is to promote and build the gin community online, you may find new accounts to follow and some new gins to add to your ever growing collection. It’s hosted and created by Sarah who is the face behind the gin_a_ding_ding account. She has amazing knowledge of all things gin, a self proclaimed gin geek and gin judge.

This was my first “gin a day may” and I found it really fun. I posted almost everyday. With only being part of the gin world for almost a year I couldn’t post on some days but did my best. I’ve gain some new followers and have started following some amazing new accounts, I also found that I really didn’t know how many gin there are in the world. Seeing everyone’s “shelfies” was brilliant and it gave me ideas for my own shelf as my kitchen side is becoming somewhat over crowed now.

I really looked forward to seeing everyone’s post and for new and exciting gins to maybe add to my shelf. The creativity of peoples post was amazing and gave me new ideas for my next days post. In the month I purchased 3 new bottles and was gifted 1 for a late birthday present, I’m sure I could of bought more but I’m limiting myself and making sure I have time to try and enjoy the ones I have.

The newbies

Being in lockdown this was a great challenge to help keep boredom at bay and give me something to look forward to. I hadn’t posted much on my account for a little while as was finding it hard for content so this gave me a massive boost to start posting again. It also gave me the boost to finally start my blog.

I started my gin account as to not clog up my personal account so my friends and family don’t get bored of seeing gin bottles and think I’m also an alcoholic (always drink responsibly kids)

I’m looking forward to next year and what exciting theme there will be for each day, I’m sure by then I’ll be able to post everyday and have more exciting gins.

Well done to Sarah who did an incredible job and gave us all something to have fun with during lockdown.

My top 9 from #ginadaymay

Until next time, cheers

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