I love gin. Com

I love gin.com

After being gifted mermaid gin I looked in to other gins, I didn’t really want to invest in big bottles unless I liked them. With some gins being over £40 a bottle. I came across I love gin.com monthly subscription boxes as a sponsored ad on Instagram and thought I would give them ago, at £9 for the first box and £14 there after what did I have to lose?!

Each box comes with 2 x 5cl gins and 2 x tonics. It has a handy little booklet that tells you about the gin and the tonic. It has garnish and pairing suggestions as well as the perfect serve. You can also get discounts on big bottles when you become a member too. My first box had palmers celebrations gin, palmers London dry, double Dutch pomegranate and basil and double dutch spices and Oakwood limited edition mixers.

My first box

You can buy little 5cl bottles in some supermarkets but the selection is not huge and most are well know gins. Ive come across some farm shops and small local shops that do sell 5cl bottles of different gins from independent distillery’s but Still at £5-£6 a bottle it can still be costly.

Double Dutch and palmers London dry

I love gin.com is a great way to try new gins from unique distilleries, mixers and tonics. It’s great value for money with 2 gins and 2 tonics for £14 a month. If you do like the gin or gins in your months box then you can buy it at a discounted price on the I love gin.com website. They also run exclusive competition for members too.

Double Dutch pomegranate and basil with palmers celebration gin

Unfortunately I had to stop my subscription but I’m keen to start it again soon as I did really enjoy getting my box every month and trying a new gin.

Until next time, cheers

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